Soil of India

What is soil?

Soil is the most important renewable natural resource. It is the medium of plant growth and supports different types of living organisms on the earth.
The soil is a living system.


It takes millions of years to form soil up to a few cm in depth.
Relief, parent rock or bedrock, climate, vegetation, and other forms of life and time are important factors in the formation of soil.

Nature of Soil

Various forces of nature such as a change in temperature, actions of running water, wind and glaciers, activities of decomposers, etc. contribute to the formation of soil. Chemical and organic changes which take place in the soil are equally important.
Soil also consists of organic (humus) and inorganic materials.

Classification of Soils in India.

Alluvial soils
Black soils
• Red and Yellow soils
• Laterite soils
• Arid soils
• Saline soils
• Peaty soils
• Forest soils.

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