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  1. Father’s Help


  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2


  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2


  1. Idea of History
  2. Education and Social Reforms in Bengal
  3. Resistance and Rebelion


  1. Exogenetic Process
  2. Atmosphere
  3. Waste Management
  4. India
  5. Satellite Imagery and Topographical Map

  • Resistance and Rebellion
    Topics Colonical Forest Law and Reactions of the Adivasi people Santhal Hool (1855 – 1856) Munda Rebelion (1899 – 1900) Chaur Rebelion, Second Phase, (1798…
  • Indian Mountains
    Indian Mountains PDF
  • India Location and Administration
    India Location and Administration PDF Free download
  • Population in India census 2011
    Some Facts regarding the population of Indians. Total Population of India – 1,21,01,93422 person. Male population-62,37,24,248 persons (51.54%) Female population-58,64,69,174 persons (48.46%) Rate of increase…
  • Agriculture in India
    Agriculture in India Introduction Agriculture is the art and science of cultivating the soil, growing crops and raising livestock. It includes the preparation of plant…
  • Fathers Help
    Father’s Help R.K. Narayan Introduction   Rasipuram Krishnaswami Iyer Narayanaswami (10 October 1906 – 13 May 2001) commonly known as R. K. Narayan, was an…
  • Hydrosphere
    Introduction Hydrosphere   The ocean is a vast open expanse of sea water that covers about 71.4% [including inland water bodies] of the earth’s surface.…
  • Atmosphere
    Introduction Atmosphere Our earth consists mainly of three realms namely lithosphere, atmosphere, and hydrosphere. Life is found on the earth in those parts only where…
  • Exogenetic Force
    Exogenetic forces Exogenetic or Exogenous or External forces are those that work on the earth’s surface from outside and result in the formation of new…
  • Waste Management
    Introduction Waste – waste is anything that is no longer useful or required. Waste products have no further use in production or consumption by the…
  • Educational and Social Reforms In Bengal
    Early education TimeLine Year Events 1781 Calcutta Madarsa The aim was to spread Arabic, Persian, and Muslim Laws. 1784 Asiatic Society was established to promote…
  • Idea of History
    Idea of History History History comes from Greek ‘historia’, meaning ‘a learning or knowing by inquiry or investigation’. History is the study of the past,…