Interjection Definition Types and Exercises


What is an interjection?

An interjection is a word or phrase that is used to express a sudden feeling or emotion. They are not grammatically connected to the rest of the sentence, and they can be used in a variety of ways to express different emotions. It is a word or phrase that is typically used to convey emotions such as surprise, joy, anger, frustration, or pain.

Some common interjections are:

  • Wow! (surprise)
  • Ouch! (pain)
  • Oh no! (fear)
  • Hurray! (joy)
  • Well! (surprise, doubt, or emphasis)
  • Hey! (attention)


  • Wow, that was amazing!
  • Hey, over here!
  • Oh no! I forgot my keys.
  • Yay! I won the contest!
  • Oops! I dropped my phone.

Types of interjection

1. Exclamatory Interjections: These interjections express strong emotions, such as surprise, excitement, or astonishment. They often end with an exclamation mark.

Examples: Wow!, Oh!, Yay!, Bravo!, Ouch!, etc.

2. Greeting Interjections: These interjections are used to greet or get someone’s attention.

Examples: Hello!, Hey!, Hi!, Yo!, etc.

3. Approval Interjections: These interjections express agreement, approval, or appreciation.

Examples: Yes!, Great!, Awesome!, Well done!, etc.

4. Disapproval Interjections: These interjections convey disapproval, frustration, or disappointment.

Examples: Ugh!, Oh no!, Darn!, Yuck!, etc.

5. Pain or Surprise Interjections: These interjections express physical or emotional pain, surprise, or shock.

Examples: Ouch!, Ow!, Huh!, Eek!, etc.

6. Hesitation or Uncertainty Interjections: These interjections indicate hesitation, uncertainty, or thinking.

Examples: Um…, Er…, Well…, etc.

7. Farewell Interjections: These interjections are used to say goodbye or bid farewell.

Examples: Bye!, Farewell!, Take care!, etc.

8. Sorrow or Regret Interjections: These interjections express sadness, regret, or disappointment.

Examples: Alas!, Oh dear!, Sigh, etc.

9. Attention-getting Interjections: These interjections are used to capture someone’s attention.

Examples: Psst!, Ahem!, Hey there!, etc.

10. Interjections of Surprise or Impatience: These interjections convey surprise, impatience, or urgency.

Examples: Huh?, What?, Come on!, etc.

Some practice exercises:

1. Read the following sentences and identify the interjections used.

a) Oh no! I forgot my homework again.

b) Yay! We won the championship!

c) Ouch! That hurt. Be careful.

d) Um, I’m not sure if I can make it to the party.

e) Bravo! What an incredible performance.

f) Hello! How are you doing today?

g) Alas! I lost my favorite pen.

h) Wow! That sunset is absolutely breathtaking.

i) Ugh! I can’t believe I made that mistake.

j) Well, it’s time to say goodbye.


a) Oh no! (Disapproval)

b) Yay! (Joy)

c) Ouch! (Pain)

d) Um (Hesitation)

e) Bravo! (Approval)

f) Hello! (Greeting)

g) Alas! (Sorrow)

h) Wow! (Surprise)

i) Ugh! (Disapproval)

j) Well (Hesitation)

2. Identify the interjection in the following sentences.

a) Wow! That was an amazing performance.

b) Ouch! I stubbed my toe.

c) Oh no! I lost my phone.

d) Hurray! We won the game!

e) Well! I’m not sure about that.

f) Hey! What’s up?

g) Phew! That was close.

h) Yuck! That food looks disgusting.

i) Great! I got the job!


a) Wow!,

b) Ouch!,

c) Oh no!,

d) Hurray!,

e) Well!,

f) Hey!,

g) Phew!,

h) Yuck!,

i) Great!.

3. Make a sentence using each of the following interjections.

a) Wow:

b) Ouch:

c) Oh no:

d) Hurray:

e) Well:

f) Hey:

g) Great:


a) Wow: Wow, that was an amazing sunset!

b) Ouch: Ouch, I just stubbed my toe!

c) Oh no: Oh no, I lost my keys!

d) Hurray: Hurray, we won the game!

e) Well: Well, I’m not sure about that.

f) Hey: Hey, what’s up?

g) Great: Great, I got the job!

4. Fill in the blanks with appropriate interjections:

a) ________, I can’t believe I won the lottery!

b) ________, I forgot my phone at home.

c) ________, this soup is delicious!

d) ________! I dropped my favorite mug.

e) ________, I made a mistake on the test.

f) ________, how are you doing today?

g) ________, I failed my driving test.


a) Wow!

b) Oops!

c) Yum!

d) Oops!

e) Oops!

f) Hello!

g) Alas!

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