List of Computer Abbreviation

CPUCentral Processing Unit
RAM  Random Access Memory
ALUArithmetics Logic Unit
AIArtificial Intelligence
CDCompact Disk
BIOSBasic Input and Output System
BCDBinary Coded Decimal
BPSBit per second
CDMACode Division Multiple Access
CGICommon Gateway Interface
CLRCommon Language Runtime
COBOLCommon Business Oriented Language
CPIClock Cycle per Instruction
CROMControl Read-Only Memory
CSSCascading Style Sheet File
DBMSData Base Management System
DOSDisk Operating System
DVDDigital Video Disk, Digital Versatile Disc
DTSDigital Theater System
DCADefense Communication Agency 
DHCPDistributed Data Processing
DHTMLDynamics HyperText Markup Language
DTPDesktop Publishing.
FTPFile Transfer Protocol
FOFiber Optics
FDDFloppy Disk Drive
GUIGraphical User Interface
HPHewlett Packard
HDDHard Disk Drive
HTMLHyper Text Markup Language
HTTPHyper Text Markup Protocol
IPInternet Protocol
ICIntegrated Circuit
ITInformation Technology
jsJavaScript file
IBMInternational Business Machine
ISPInternet Service Provider
LANLocal Area Network
LCDLiquid Crystal Display
LEDLiquid Emitting Diode
MANMetropolitan Area Network
GHzGiga Hertz
GPRSGeneral Packet Radio Service
GSMGlobal System for Mobile Communication
NOSNetwork Operating System
OCROptical Character Recognition
OMROptical Mrk Reader
OSOperating System
OSSOpen-Source Software
PCPersonal Computer
PANPersonal Area Network
P2PPeer To Peer.
PCIPeripheral Component Interconnect
PDFPortable Document Format
PILOTProgrammed Inquiry Learning Or Teaching
PINPersonal   Identification Number.
RDPRemote Desktop Protocol
RGBRed Green Blue
RTFRich Text Format
SQLStractured Query Language
SIMSubscriber Identification Module
SMTPSimple Mail Transfer Protocol
TBTera Bytes
TCPTransport Control Protocol
URLUniform Resource Locator
USBUniversal Serial Bus
UTFUnicode Transformation Format
VGAVideo Graphics Array
VoIPVoice over Internet Protocol
VDLView Definition Language
VDUVisual Display Unit.
VGAVideo Graphics Array
VHSVideo Home System
VPNVirtual Private Network
WANWide area Network
WBEMWeb-Based Enterprise Management
Wi-FiWireless Fidelity.
WINSWindows Internet Name Service
WORMWrite Once Read Many
WSHWindows Script Host
WLANWireless Local Area Network
WWWWorld Wide web
XMLExtensible Markup Language

Image extension

TIFF.tif, .tiffTagged Image File Format
Bitmap.bmpBitmap Image
JPEG.jpg, .JpegJoint Photographic Experts Groups
GIF.gifGraphics Interchange Format
PNG.pngPortable Network Graphics
EPS.epsEncapsulated PostScript
RAW.raw, .cr2, .nef, .orf, .sr2, 

MS Office Extensions

MS word.docx .doc
Web Page.html .htm
Rich text format.rtf
Plain Text.txt
XML Document.xml
XPS Document.xps
Excel.xls .xlsx
Power Point.ppt .pptx

Application Extensions Operating System wise

Mac – Apple.dmg
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