Branches of Biology

1.AnatomyStudy of body parts
2.BotanyStudy of Plant
3.EntomologyStudy of Insects
4.HepatologyStudy of liver
5.ImmunologyStudy of Immune system
6.Hematology   Study of Blood
7.MycologyStudy of Fungi
8.PhycologyStudy of Algae
9.VirologyStudy of Virus
10.BacteriologyStudy of Bacteria
11.NephrologyStudy of Kidney
12.OncologyStudy of Cancer
13.AerologyStudy of Air
14.CytologyStudy of Cells
15.OrnithologyStudy of Birds
16.OsteologyStudy of Bones
17.OologyStudy of Eggs
18.OneirologyStudy of Dream
19.TrichologyStudy of Hairs
20.OphthalmologyStudy of Eyes

Branches of Biology Video

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