Differences between Plant cell and animal cell

Differences between Plant cell and animal cell.

 No.Plant CellAnimal Cell
1A rigid cell wall formed of cellulose is present.Cell wall is absent.
2Chloroplasts are present.Chloroplasts are absent.
3Vacuole or vacuoles are present.Vacuoles are absent.
4The centrosome is absent.The centrosome is present near the nucleus
5The nucleus is shifted to one sideThe nucleus is centrally placed.
6Units of Golgi complex are scattered in the cytoplasm and are called dictyosomes.The Golgi complex is prominent and forms one complex unit.
7Plant cells have a fixed, rectangular shape due to the presence of a cell wall.Animal cells have a more flexible shape and can vary in size and morphology.
8Plant cells have plasmodesmataAnimal cells do not have plasmodesmata.

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